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Look here for opportunities to learn, find connection and cultivate your capacity to thrive! Topics will include mindfulness, mind/body wellness, & women’s health topics relevant to you and your wellbeing. The format will allow you to learn at your own pace, to tap into expert information, and to shine light into your own inner wisdom and insight to guide you into optimal health.


Mindful Parenting: Support for the Childbearing Year


Available in July 2015!

If you’re an expectant or new parent, or contemplating parenting, and want to experience confidence, reduce stress, and have a healthy, happy childbearing year, this course will be an essential tool!  The course will include lectures, guided meditation, and exercises that you can complete at your own pace. 

Join this online course and:

  • Gain an introduction to mindfulness practices that will support you as you embark on pregnancy, birth and parenting
  • Learn about the benefits of mindfulness meditation practices in the context of reducing risk and increasing wellbeing in the childbearing year.
  • Begin working with the attitudes of mindfulness-such as cultivating non-judgment, patience, curiosity and trust- to approach the difficulties of parenting with more confidence.
  • Obtain some direction for establishing a daily mindfulness practice.
  • Find comfort and reassurance as you hear about mindfulness from a midwife, doula, lactation consultant and health coach who has supported thousands of families to thrive in the childbearing year!

The course will include….

Inspiring Talks

Through a series of lectures you will learn how mindfulness can support your wellness throughout the childbearing year and beyond, and you’ll come to have a greater understanding of your own mind/body experience during pregnancy, birth and early parenting from an experienced expert.

Short talks on the Attitudes of Mindfulness invite you to find non-judgment, curiosity, trust, patience and more as you explore your meditation practice and the experiences and situations that arise during this time of adjustment in your life.

Guided Meditation and Instruction

You’ll learn about the foundations from which to begin a mindfulness practice, guided meditations, and practical ways to bring mindful awareness into your life.

Exercises to Bring Mindful Awareness into Your Life

You’ll be given tools to bring mindful awareness to your experiences and to your relationships.  The exercises will support you as you cultivate the ability to slow down reactions, investigate your  authentic experience, and gain a deeper confidence, trust and steadiness.