Mile 3 or 103?

Well we did it, my daughter and I.  We ran the 5K together and it instilled in her a great sense of accomplishment and increased her confidence.   She got a first place in her age group.  I myself, did the slow and steady approach to protect my back and joints and tried not to care that walkers were passing me.   How can anyone walk so fast?

Since the run I’ve nonchalantly committed to running or biking for at least 30 minutes every day.   That small goal is manageable, and of course, on many days I’ll double that commitment because I have the time and it’s so satisfying.  I can’t always get my kid to join me but it’s all good.  She’s geared up to find her own goals, and we’ll see what they turn out to be this year.  She’s open to trying some new things and I trust we’ll figure it out.

During the 5K run, I felt a strong sense of her youth propelling her and all that lies ahead for her while I found myself reflecting a lot on my past experiences with my body and my aging.  Not in a terrible way, just noticing that there are changes that I can’t quite undo.   I’m not sure what to expect from this body of mine.  Will I ever really lose those pounds and will that be ok?  I have many friends who inspire me with their first triathalons, first epic bike rides, all in their 40s or 50s.  While it’s feeling good for me to find goals that are manageable, sidebars to my life as a mom, business owner, health professional, sometime writer, it’s exciting to see what happens when a big challenge is taken by women my age or older.  I was glad to see this bit of awesome inspiration for those of us who might be wrestling with our fitness goals as we pass that ‘middle age’ marker.   Diana Nyad today is reaching towards her 103 mile goal of swimming from Cuba to Florida!

I’ll be cheering her on today as she gets through the grueling last hours, using all of her courage, all of her physical and mental stamina.  I’m thanking her for helping us all to see what is possible in your 60th decade!  It will be a nice meditation for my little run today.

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