Lessons from the Garden

I have been enjoying some deliciously warm days, the first of the spring after a protracted winter.  The peas are in, spinach, carrots, anything that will appreciate the erratic weather to come for the next weeks until we are past the frost date.     I’m looking forward to the time in my garden to soak up the sun and hope to do what needs doing without getting caught up in the ‘to dos’.

Lessons from plants:

The best defense against weeds and pests is to be strong, nourished, and resilient.

Live in diverse communities.  It strengthens each organism.

Adversity is a needed experience.  Know that it strengthens you.

Compost last year’s debris.   Fertile possibility can emerge from it.

Find companions that balance you.

Give nourishment to others but not too much that you don’t leave enough for yourself.

Take in what is available to you.

If you have challenges to face, grow deeper roots to find more sources.

Blossom in your true nature.

There’s no need to fight, just grow towards the sun and know that you have all the blueprints for thriving.

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