Started by Karen Laing, an expert in women’s health and wellbeing, The Thriving Place is a center for mindfulness, transformation, and abundant health!  At The Thriving Place, you’ll find what you need to build the foundation of health and vitality and the focus to live a life that is grounded in what matters most to you.   It’s a place to find clarity, to strip away the obstacles that keep us stuck.  A place to thrive!

  • Your integrative health coach is an ally as you take charge of your life, health and happiness.
  • Your health advocate makes sure that you’re not alone and overwhelmed if you’re facing a health challenge.
  • Your maternity coach will help you explore what’s right for you and support you as you have an empowered path to parenting.
  • Mindfulness instruction and learning opportunities give you the skills you need to make your way to greater contentment and abundant wellbeing!

Offering private online and in-person support packages, classes, retreats and more, The Thriving Place can help you can find the path to your most joyful possibilities.

Through all of life’s transitions, we’ll help you to find your Thriving Place!

Email for more information at info@thethrivingplace.com or call 888.971.6171

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